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What I Ate: December 10, 2009

Posted 10 December, 2009 at 10:10pm by Michael Chu
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Dinner: I made Clam Chowder and served them in a couple of bread bowls for dinner.
Clam Chowder in Bread Bowls

Lunch: I ate a couple of beef and potato tamales that we picked up at HEB.
Beef and Potato Tamales

What I Ate: December 9, 2009

Posted 9 December, 2009 at 9:51pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I had the leftover pasta from Natural Planet Grill for lunch.
Leftover pasta

Dinner: Tina made Oven Baked Chicken and Rice. It came out a little underseasoned - I might have to go back and revise that recipe a little. Otherwise, it was an excellent dinner.
Oven Baked Chicken and Rice

What I Ate: December 8, 2009 (Texas Pie Company, Natural Planet Grill)

Posted 8 December, 2009 at 10:28pm by Michael Chu
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Dinner: I was trying to finish something at work, so by the time I was ready to leave the house to get some food it was pretty late. Escarpment Village is only a few minutes away for us, so we decided to shoot for Natural Planet Grill (5900 Slaughter Ln W, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 394-1111‎) because on our first visit there I had a pretty good experience with their Tuscan Pesto Pasta with Chicken. When we got there, it was exactly 9pm - closing time. I usually don't try to squeeze in at closing because restaurant staff works pretty hard without tardy customers showing up and making them stay later, but the guys at Natural Planet Grill welcomed us in (after checking that the grill hadn't been turned off yet). They said, "the kitchen hasn't shut down yet and you two are hungry, so come on in!" Service was exceptionally friendly even though we were eating after hours. I enjoyed the Tuscan Pesto Pasta with Chicken that I ordered again tonight, but more than that I enjoyed how welcoming and accommodating the staff at Natural Planet Grill was.
Natural Planet Grill - Tuscan Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Lunch: We stopped in at Texas Pie Company (202 West Center Street, Kyle, TX‎ - (512) 268-5885) for lunch and I had a spinach quiche and poblano potato soup.
Texas Pie Company - Spinach Quiche and Poblano Potato Soup

What I Ate: December 7, 2009 (Red Robin)

Posted 7 December, 2009 at 10:45pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I had some leftover stir-fry and rice that was in the refrigerator and a toasted cong you bing.
Leftover stir fry

Dinner: We had originally intended to go to Torchy's on William Cannon, but after making trips to Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl's, we found ourselves near Red Robin. Since the last hamburger I had was unsatisfying, we decided to eat there (because we know it's not going to suck - as opposed to some randomly chosen place, it's a familiar taste, and they put fried eggs on their burgers). I got a Sautéed 'Shroom Burger with a fried egg. I didn't realize that it didn't have any veggies on it, so I asked for a side of lettuce and tomatoes and stuff it in. There was no shortage of sauteed mushrooms and as usual the fries were good.
Red Robin - Sauteed ‘Shroom Burger

What I Ate: December 6, 2009 (Guero's Taco Bar, Central Market Cafe)

Posted 7 December, 2009 at 3:23am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: We tried Guero's (1412 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 707-8232‎) for lunch. Sitting at the taco bar, we couldn't help but get excited about the food as three Latina women made fresh corn torillas before our very eyes.
Guero’s Taco Bar - Tortilla Making

Guero’s Taco Bar - Tortilla Making

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What I Ate: December 6, 2009 (Guero's Taco Bar, Central Market Cafe)

What I Ate: December 5, 2009 (Phil's Icehouse, IKEA)

Posted 6 December, 2009 at 12:35am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: We were on our way to Austin Plumbing Supply to take a look at some Toto toilets (they have an amazing inventory of Toto's in their showroom including the Neorest 600 - the most awesome toilet that I know of) when we almost passed Phil's Icehouse. Since it was there, we were hungry, and we had a pretty good meal there last time, I decided to pull over for a burger. I ordered The Brentwood Burger (A bacon cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, pickles, mayo, mustard, 2 slices of bacon, cheddar cheese on a toasted sourdough bun) while Tina had The Crestview Burger (A chili cheeseburger w/ chili, cheddar cheese, sliced onion & mustard on a toasted jalapeno cheese bun). We both felt our burgers were not as good as the first time we had eaten at Phil's Icehouse. Tina's burger - which we had a mini version of last time - was coated with too much yellow mustard to the point of overwhelming the chili and burger. My Brentwood Burger was made horrible by an overly sweet bun. It started off okay - the bun was just a bit sweet. But, that sweetness grew with every bite until about half way through the burger I couldn't take another bite. I ended up getting a knife and fork and eating the rest like a hamburger salad avoiding the bread. The fries were also kind of stale tasting - not a good experience.
Phil’s Icehouse - The Brentwood Burger

Dinner: We went to IKEA to shop for a cheap table to use as an auxiliary desk for my office (as well as a desk for Tina). Whenever we're at IKEA, it's like we're at a Las Vegas casino - I have no idea what time it is or how much time has passed. By the time we wandered through the showroom, figured out which tabletops to buy and which legs and for what purpose, and got to the midway point of IKEA - the restaurant/cafe - it was 7:55pm. It was then that we realized the IKEA restaurant closes at 8pm and no food was left except the Swedish meatballs (which I was going to get anyway). I got an order of meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and we shared a side of overcooked vegetables. I suppose one benefit of being the last customers is that we get a LOT of meatballs. Of course, when at IKEA you have to get the lingonberry juice (which I usually like to mix with some Sprite/Sierra Mist, but strangely enough they had all sorts of sodas except for a lemon/lime soda… closest thing was Mountain Dew which I didn't think would mix well with the juice).
IKEA - Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy

What I Ate: December 4, 2009

Posted 4 December, 2009 at 11:03pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: Tina made a bacon and eggs over medium sandwich for each of us.
Egg and Bacon Sandwich

Dinner: Tina used the pork that I cooked but didn't use in last night's eggplant dish by spicing it up a bit and cooking it with zucchini. She also cooked an eggs and tomatoes dish and served them with white rice.
Zucchini and Pork, Eggs and Tomato, White Rice

What I Ate: December 3, 2009

Posted 4 December, 2009 at 1:04am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: The last of the leftover pizza.
Leftover Pizza

Dinner: I stir fried thinly sliced pork loin with eggplant and made a simple carrot and celery with sesame oil dish. We ate these with congee and cong you bing (scallion pancakes).
Eggplant pork; Carrots and Celery

What I Ate: December 2, 2009 (Schlotzsky's)

Posted 3 December, 2009 at 1:14am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I heated some left over Domino's pizza in the toaster oven.

Leftover Pizza

Dinner: While running errands (Home Depot - the constant destination of new homeowners), we stopped at a Schlotzsky's for dinner. We each had half an Original as well as a Turkey, Swiss, and Bacon (actually, that was the plan but I ended up eating 1/4 of the Turkey, Swiss and Bacon and 3/4 of the Original), a bag of jalapeño chips, and iced tea.

Schlotzsky’s - The Original
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What I Ate: December 2, 2009 (Schlotzsky's)

What I Ate: December 1, 2009

Posted 1 December, 2009 at 10:58pm by Michael Chu
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Breakfast: After dropping my parents off at the airport around 6:30am, I picked up a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Hash Brown, and Orange Juice from McDonald's. Then I went back to sleep.
McDonald’s - Sausage McMuffin with Egg & Hash Brown Patty

Lunch: Tina and I made sandwiches out of some beef tongue bloodwurst we had.
Beef Tongue Bloodwurst Sandwich

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What I Ate: December 1, 2009