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What I Ate: November 12, 2010 (The Best Wurst)

Posted 25 November, 2010 at 12:34am by Michael Chu
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Dinner: Dumplings

Second Dinner: Late at night, I had a craving for a bratwurst from The Best Wurst. So, at a little past 2am, we headed out to downtown Austin to grab a bratwurst and an Italian sausage.
The Best Wurst

Unfortunately, when we arrived they ran out of the curry ketchup (our favorite condiment). By the time it was my turn in line, only the bratwursts and beef sausages were left, so we got two bratwursts.
The Best Wurst - Two Bratwurst Sandwiches with grilled sausages

While walking to The Best Wurst and waiting in line we saw a bunch of stuff (and learned a few things) that made us feel like we had spent a night out on the town without all the downsides (drunkenness, partial deafness from loud music, hangovers the following day, etc.). Here's what we saw and learned (roughly in chronological order):

  • There's a privately run school bus that's painted white that picks up drunks. The bus has words painted on the windows claiming it isn't sketchy.
  • A couple of guys try to pick up drunk girls by offering rides on the back of a pick up truck with a mattress in the bed. (The guys were lying on the mattress and bargaining/negotiating with the drunk women looking for rides.) It's both genius and scary at the same time!
  • We saw a fist fight erupt on 6th St. Cops were on scene within seconds (super fast response!) with additional cops swooping in with patrol cars. At least one person was arrested.
  • They ran out of curry ketchup at around 2:45am. As an interesting note, the two The Best Wurst carts run supplies back and forth throughout the night, so supplies are roughly even between the carts. If one runs out of ketchup, the other is probably out as well.
  • To speed up the line, the guys at The Best Wurst will sometimes offer sausages that are ready to go to the next people in line if the customers earlier in line are waiting for a different kind of sausage. (For example, "Who wants a beef sausage?") This leads to people in back being able to move up to the front if they aren't picky about what they want to eat. Unfortunately, drunk people in front of us were confused why people further back in line were getting their sausages first and The Best Wurst staff have an insane amount of patience (explaining three or four times that their sausages weren't ready yet).
  • The guy behind us in line arrived when the line was almost gone - just the group in front of us, me and Tina, and that's it - but drunkenly muttered several times that "the line is soooo long". He then kept asking about the ketchup (again patience from the staff since they had to answer repeatedly that there was no more curry ketchup). He then pointed to the bottle and said, "But, what about that?" (as if the staff didn't know they had a bottle of curry ketchup around) to which the response was "Empty" (which was particularly amusing to us since we watched them squeeze every last possible drop out a few sausages ahead of ours (literally, there was one guys who got three drops of curry ketchup on his sausage). When we picked up our bratwurst sandwiches and headed back to the car to eat, we heard him mumble, "Hey… they didn't give me any ketchup…"
  • Cops eat for $3 a sandwich (regular price $4.50). At least the cop that picked up his sausage prior to ours did.
  • 2 comments to What I Ate: November 12, 2010 (The Best Wurst)

    John, November 25th, 2010 at 9:02 am:

    • It's just as well that they ran out of ketchup — one doesn't eat Brats with ketchup! You can get thrown out of Oktoberfest for such a request… :-)

    Michael Chu, November 26th, 2010 at 10:52 pm:

    • If you've ever had a Best Wurst Brat with Curry Ketchup… you'll change your mind. That combination is killer.