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What I Ate: January 9, 2008

Posted 10 January, 2008 at 11:13pm by Michael Chu
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I woke up late this morning and spent a lot of time contemplating how I was going to run the soft-boiled egg test that's been on my mind for weeks. I actually planned to do it today, but with a bunch of errands stacked up and a new feature to deliver on Fanpop, I just didn't have any time to spare.

For lunch, I started off with a bowl of the capellini with olive oil and garlic that I still have in the fridge.

Capellini with Olive Oil and Garlic

I forgot to eat until much later in the day and there was no surprise that I was fairly hungry. I was planning on making a large pot of meat sauce (like a Bolognese sauce but a bit simpler and quicker) to consume over the next few days at work and home. So I dug in the freezer quickly to see what I could heat up and eat while I worked and prepared the meat sauce. I ended up with fish sticks. (Really need to restock that freezer with some Trader Joe's burritos.)

Fish Sticks

For dinner, Tina and I had some rigatoni with meat sauce and a side salad.

Rigatoni with Meat Sauce and Salad

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