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Travel Tip - New York City - Statue of Liberty

Posted 11 March, 2008 at 1:19am by Michael Chu
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Here's a tip - if you're going to New York City and want to visit the Statue of Liberty, the lines can be incredibly long. Even in the off season, the line up to get through the first security checkpoint (where you go right after buying your ferry tickets) can stretch almost all the way out of Battery Park and onto West St.

So, here's how to skip that part - go to www.statuecruises.com beforehand (I've done it the day before, but it's a good idea to book a little more in advance than that - at least a couple weeks in advance if you want access to the Monument/Pedestal) and book your tickets online. You can also book the audio tour at the same time. As of the writing of this entry, it costs $12 per person ($18 if you get the audio tour).

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Travel Tip - New York City - Statue of Liberty