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Heroes, Hiro, and Time Travel

Posted 1 May, 2007 at 6:10pm by Michael Chu
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hiro-300.jpgI wrote up a soapbox article in the Heroes Spot on Fanpop today. The article goes into the potential problems I see with how they are dealing with time travel. Up until last night's episode, I felt they had dealt with time travel in an intelligent and well-thought out manner when dealing with causality, but after last night episode (which I thought was awesome in every other respect), I was a little put off by the direction they are taking time travel. In my mind, having a single timeline in a single universe and time traveling within that timeline and dealing with causality and having it work (as the series has done so far) is the Holy Grail of time travel stories.

In my Fanpop article, I discuss the three major ways time travel is implemented in literature, movies, and television and what they mean to Heroes.

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Heroes, Hiro, and Time Travel