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What I Ate: December 3, 2009

Posted 4 December, 2009 at 1:04am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: The last of the leftover pizza.
Leftover Pizza

Dinner: I stir fried thinly sliced pork loin with eggplant and made a simple carrot and celery with sesame oil dish. We ate these with congee and cong you bing (scallion pancakes).
Eggplant pork; Carrots and Celery

Dining out with an infant

Posted 5 October, 2007 at 9:23am by Michael Chu
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No, it's not me… but my friend Harold has written an extraordinary article on his recent attempt to eat out with his wife and baby daughter. The article is hilarious, endearing, and also (as I'm told by my friends who have kids) right on the money.

Here are some highlights from the article: Click here to read the rest of
Dining out with an infant

Fanpop Picks Embedding!

Posted 8 June, 2007 at 11:58am by Michael Chu
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With the help of Papa's friend Jason, we rolled out a little flash widget that can be embedded in just about any blog, journal, profile, or webpage to help spread the word about picks (a highly visual and fun version of polls). Here's what it looks like:

Fanpop Fan Picks

Posted 10 May, 2007 at 10:44pm by Michael Chu
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I finished a new feature on Fanpop today that we're calling Picks. It's like a souped up version of polls that enables fans to share their opinions in a fun way. On your user page on Fanpop, you'll find all your picks gathered in one place to share with other fans and maybe find a common favorite character or have dissenting opinions about ice cream. Take a look at my picks or take a look at what some of the popular questions on Fanpop are.