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Windows 10 Shortcut/Hotkeys

Posted 2 August, 2016 at 4:54am by Michael Chu
(Filed under: Windows 10)

Here are the Windows 10 shortcut keys that I'm aware aware of.

Window Toggle Start menu
Window+[1 to 0] Run 1st app in taskbar (or nth app where 0 is the tenth app)
Window+A Open action center
Window+B Highlight notification area
Window+C Cortana listening mode
Window+D Toggle show Desktop
Window+E Launch Explorer
Window+H Open Share pane
Window+I Open Settings app
Window+K Open Connect pane (connect to wireless displays and audio devices)
Window+L Lock screen
Window+M Switch to desktop and minimize all open windows
Window+O Lock device orientation
Window+P Open Project (connect to external displays/projectors)
Window+R Display Run dialog box
Window+S Launch Cortana search
Window+T Cycle through apps on the taskbar
Window+U Launch Ease of Access Center
Window+V Cycle through notifications
Window+X Open advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen
Window+Z Open app-specific command bar
Window+Enter Launch Narrator
Window+Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Window+Tab Open Task view
Window+[,] Peek at desktop
Window+[+] Zoom in
Window+[-] Zoom out
Window+Esc Close Magnifier
Window+Left Dock active window to the left half of the monitor
Window+Right Dock active window to the right half of the monitor
Window+Up Maximize active window vertically and horizontally
Window+Down Minimize/restore active window
Window+Shift+Up Maximize active window vertically
Window+Shift+Down Minimize/restore active window vertically
Window+Shift+Left Move active window to the monitor on the left. (Multiple monitors.)
Window+Shift+Right Move active window to the monitor on the right. (Multiple monitors.)
Window+Home Minimize/restore all nonactive windows
Window+PrintScreen Take a picture of the screen and place it in the Computer->Pictures->Screenshots folder
Window+Ctrl+Left/Right/td> Switch to the next / previous virtual desktop
Window+Ctrl+D Create new virtual desktop
Window+Ctrl+F4 Close current virtual desktop
Window+? Launch Windows Feedback app

Of these, I've disabled Window+S (to allow OneNote 2010 screen clipping shortcut keys to work). I also use Window, Window+Left, Window+Right, and Window+D the most. I suspect that if I use the virtual desktop some more, I'll end up using that quite a bit.