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Fall Television Season 2014 Grid

Posted 22 August, 2014 at 11:27am by Michael Chu
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For the last four years, I've published the schedules to the fall television season and which shows I plan on watching. The previous years I've been late at preparing the TV show grid so this year I'm trying to get the grid out before the season begins. Some of the schedule hasn't been finalized by the networks yet, but this should be the current info. I haven't marked the grid for what I'm going to be watching or recording yet because I don't know yet. I'll be doing another post with that update.

Like the last couple grids, the new shows are in italics and shows to be recorded are in color (with green and blue for my two different DVRs). All times are Eastern / Pacific. Central Time would be one hour before the listed time.

Here are the previous year's schedules for comparison: 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.

Update August 22, 2014 at 11:50AM: I marked the shows I know I'm definitely recording. Basically, they are the ones I'm currently watching plus a couple new shows I know I'll definitely want to watch (The Flash, Gotham, Agent Carter). I need to find out more about the other new shows to decide if I want to record them. My general strategy is to record the ones that look promising and if the initial reviews are good, then I'll catch up. If they aren't good, then I won't bother to watch the recordings.

Update September 1, 2014 at 11:00PM: I added several shows that were missing from the grid and marked some more shows for recording.

8:00pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 10:00pm 10:30pm
ABC Dancing with the Stars
September 15
September 29
CBS The Big Bang Theory
September 22
September 29
September 22
NCIS: Los Angeles
September 29
2 Broke Girls
October 27
CW The Originals
October 6
America's Next Top Model
August 18
Jane the Virgin
October 13
FOX Gotham
September 22
Sleepy Hollow
September 22
NBC The Voice
September 22
The Blacklist
September 22
State Of Affairs
November 17
ESPN Monday Night Football
September 8
HBO Olive Kitteridge
November 3
MTV Are You the One?
September 22
TRUTV Fake Off
October 27

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