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What I Ate: January 6, 2011 (Justine's Brasserie)

Posted 9 January, 2011 at 12:32am by Michael Chu
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Justine's Brasserie (4710 East 5th Street, Austin, TX (512) 385-2900)

One of our favorite late night stops. After a disappointing evening watching Tango Buenos Aires at The Long Center, we needed a pick-me-up meal. There are usually a bunch of people eating at Justine's at around 10:30pm so it doesn't feel like your the only patrons left in a restaurant and the food is pretty good.

Salade d'Endives Poire Roquefort Belgian endive, pear and roquefort salad with walnuts, butter lettuce, and a classic vinaigrette, $8. The Salade Landaise salad is stellar at Justine's, but this endive, lettuce, and bleu cheese salad is pretty decent.
Justine's Brasserie - Salad d'Endives Poire Roquefort

Aspèrges Grillées, $6. A smaller portion of grilled asparagus than we expected, but it was okay since the entrees filled us up.
Justine's Brasserie - Asperges Grilles

Côte de Porc pork chop grilled with a thyme reduction served with potatoes au gratin, $16. Although the pork chop was a bit overcooked (not as tender and juicy as it could have been), it had so much flavor that Tina (who is typically very critical of pork) loved it.
Justine's Brasserie - Cote de Porc

Duck special (roasted duck breast with buttery cauliflower), $22. Tender and flavorful duck with an even more amazingly flavorful preparation of cauliflower and mushrooms. The sauce was so good I asked for extra bread to sop it up.
Justine's Brasserie - Duck special

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