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What I Ate: August 23, 2010

Posted 24 August, 2010 at 8:58pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: We had breakfast food for lunch - I cooked a couple eggs in a water bath at 65°C and then fried them quickly (I like the consistency of yolks when they are cooked in a water bath but prefer whites which are fried), tater tots, and hand formed breakfast sausages I made from Dai Due bulk breakfast sausage.
Eggs, Tater Tots, and Breakfast Sausages

Dinner: We ate at the Alamo Drafthouse during Piranha 3D (wow, anyone who says that the 3D conversion is well done must be very unobservant; conversion artifacts could be spotted every few seconds throughout the entire film - but, even so, it was a pretty decently done campy horror film). I had a Turkey Breast Sandwich (which as far as I could tell was served with tomato and field greens on ciabatta) which I really liked. I'll probably order that again the next time I'm at Alamo.

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