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What I Ate: May 4, 2010 (Casino El Camino Bar & Grill)

Posted 4 May, 2010 at 9:34pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I had leftover blackened catfish with rice pilaf, grilled broccoli, and mashed potatoes.
Leftover blackened catfish with rice pilaf, grilled broccoli, and mashed potatoes

Dinner: We watched a performance of Stomp at The Paramount in downtown Austin and afterward tried to go to the Me So Hungry Cuban/Vietnamese Food Truck, but they weren't at their 5th street location. We drove over to their East 6th street location and they were closed. So, we headed back on 6th street to Casino El Camino (517 East 6th Street, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 469-9330‎) to try their burgers.

We've heard from several people that they serve the best hamburger in Austin. Upon arriving, I ordered an L.A. Burger (with tomato, sprouts, and avocado) to be split between the two of us (their burgers have 12 oz patties!). I also ordered a serving of Chile Verde Fries (French fries covered in cheese and green chili sauce). Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera or backup camera with me or in the car - so I tried it with my cell phone. My cell phone takes really bad pictures.
Casino El Camino - L.A. Burger

The burger was really good. The patty was loosely packed and tasted lean but very flavorful and feel apart pleasantly in the mouth. There was a good beefiness to the meat and it was seasoned nicely to bring out the flavor. The buns were not sweet (a huge bonus given that most hamburger buns we've had in Austin have been too sweet) and the vegetables were crisp and refreshing. The pickle and pepperoncini served with the burger were also good - crisp and pleasingly acidic.

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