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What I Ate: May 26, 2010

Posted 28 May, 2010 at 12:04am by Michael Chu
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Dinner: Tina made a pasta out of heart-shaped pasta, sliced bratwurst, roasted broccoli, and fresh NatureSweet SunBursts tomatoes. These tomatoes are super-sweet and have a full flavor. If you see them in the supermarket, I'd recommended picking up a pack to eat out of hand or toss (fresh) into pasta like Tina did.
Pasta with bratwurst, roast broccoli, and NatureSweet SunBursts tomatoes

NatureSweet SunBursts

I also ate a steamed artichoke.
Steamed Artichokes

Lunch: I ate the last of the Shepherd's Pie.
Leftover Shepherd's Pie

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