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What I Ate: January 26, 2010 (The Carillon)

Posted 26 January, 2010 at 9:31pm by Michael Chu
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Dinner: Tina and I went to a food tasting at The Carillon (1900 University Avenue, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 404-3655) near the UT campus. The Carillon is a bit strange in that it serves buffet lunch and fine dining at dinner. We tried a variety of dishes which were all decent to very good. The braised short ribs were some of the best that I've had.
The Carillon - Pork Belly with Asian pear and fried mint

Next best were the pork belly with Asian pear and fried mint.
The Carillon - Pork belly

I liked the smoked scallops with white bean soup (which Tina did not like). I didn't like how the think soup was served in shot glasses - it didn't really work for me. The tuna tartare (in the spoons) was decent.
The Carillon - Scallops and White Bean, Eggplant Caprese

The eggplant caprese (eggplant and cheese in a blend of crunchy and soft textures) was interesting, but not my particular cup of tea.
The Carillon - Eggplant Caprese

Lunch: I had a quick lunch of the last slice of Pizza Hut pizza and a few of their cinnamon sticks which I thought were okay (but not good enough to want to keep the rest of them).
Leftover pizza and cinnamon sticks