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What I Ate: January 23, 2010 (El Pollo Rico)

Posted 23 January, 2010 at 10:38pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I ate a couple slices of the Pizza Hut pizza leftovers.
Pizza Hut Leftovers

Dinner #1: Midway through running errands (it seems like we're ALWAYS running errands - this time we were taking inventory of the shelving available at The Home Depot and Lowes for purchase tomorrow when we'll have a 14-ft. rental truck to pick up the materials), we got hungry. We were near Mighty Fine on Brodie Lane, so we stopped in for some fries. We also decided to try their chopped chili dog which was flavorful, but dry and a little chewy. Next time, I might try them with onions, cheese, and yellow mustard.
Mighty Fine Burgers - Chopped Chili Dog

Dinner #2: We swung by El Pollo Rico (704 West Stassney Lane, Austin, TX‎ - (512) 326-1161‎) on Stassney to pick up some of their excellent chicken, but when we arrived a little before 10pm (more than an hour before they close), they were out of chicken and in the process of washing the floors! They did have carne asada, so we took a combo plate of carne asada for less than $9 and it was enough for both of us.
El Pollo Rico - Carne Asada Combo

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