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What I Ate: November 25, 2009

Posted 26 November, 2009 at 12:37am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: We all (my parents, Tina and I) went over to Tina's parent's home for a delicious dumpling lunch (both steamed and pan-fried).
Dumpling Lunch

Dinner: I cooked our very first meal in the new house this evening - pasta (troffiette and orecchiette) with prosciutto and wilted spinach. To speed things up, I tried to cook the pasta at the same time (starting the orecchiette a bit early since it usually takes a tad longer to cook) but I started the orecchiette a little too early and it was done by the time the troffiette was approaching al dente. Overall, it wasn't too bad.
Pasta with Prociutto and Spinach

My father made a simple but comforting corn soup with canned corn, chicken broth, and egg.
Corn Soup