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What I Ate: November 17, 2009 (Jack-In-The-Box, Pho Thaison)

Posted 18 November, 2009 at 2:25am by Michael Chu
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Due to an ultra-busy day at work (just finished up for the night), I didn't get a chance to process my food pictures yet, so I'll update this entry tomorrow with the pics.

Lunch: Jack-In-The-Box on 1626 in Kyle. I had a breakfast burger (cheese, egg, sausage patties) with hash browns for lunch. I believe this means that I have now dined at every restaurant (and I define that by any business who primarily serves lunch or dinner) in Kyle. As far as I know, the only other places that serve food are the bar on Center Street, the Shipley's Donuts, and the pizza you can buy at the gas station on 150.
Jack-In-The-Box - Breakfast Burger

Dinner: Tina wanted something Asian (and we are never going back to the Chinese Food / Donut shop off of Center St.) so we went to Pho Thaison where I ordered a bowl of brisket, flank, and tendon pho. Unfortunately, the meat tasted a bit old/stale so we ended up avoiding the meat. Tina ordered some sort of beef soup with egg noodles which she didn't much like and we ended up switching. I didn't really like the beef in the soup because the chunks were large and chewy, but preferred it over the pho. We're not going back there again (not a bold claim since we are only spending two more nights in Kyle).
Pho Thaison - Pho

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