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What I Ate: November 11, 2009 (Outback Steakhouse)

Posted 11 November, 2009 at 10:18pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: The last habanero sausage in the freezer was heated and served to me on a toasted bun. Then Tina sauteed some of the last of the summer squash.
Habanero Sausage

Summer Squash

Dinner: We went down to the Outlet mall to try to exchange a defective pot and needed to eat dinner - Outback Steakhouse was on the other side of the parking lot, so we went there for dinner. I started with a cup of their baked potato soup.
Outback Steakhouse - Baked Potato Soup

I then had the Queensland Salad (a chicken salad with bacon, eggs, cheese, and almonds).
Outback Steakhouse - Queensland Salad

Tina had a full rack of Baby Back Ribs with vegetables instead of fries. The ribs were tender and juicy - falling off the bone, but it seemed like it was only half a rack to us (I counted 7 ribs - to me, a full rack should have at least 10 if not the full 12-13). We asked and they confirmed it was a full rack. The manager came by and said that was a full rack, but it did look a bit small so he offered to send out a bit more or to discount our bill. We thanked him and said it wasn't necessary, but after he offered again, we accepted the additional three ribs.
Outback Steakhouse - Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs

2 comments to What I Ate: November 11, 2009 (Outback Steakhouse)

Scott, November 12th, 2009 at 9:38 pm:

  • I never had good ribs from Outback. They've always been dry, however I haven't had them for a good number of years.

    I'm a sucker for cheese, mushrooms and bacon, so I usually end up with the Alice Springs Chicken. I like their honey mustard dip for it, and the fries. :-p

    I will say that out of all of the places that sell the fatty, oily, salty fried onion "flower" I do like Outback's the best.

Michael Chu, November 12th, 2009 at 11:08 pm:

  • We'll have to try the onion "flower" sometime - I've never really had a good one - it's always soggy with oil. Fried foods should taste fried, but not of oil.