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What I Ate: October 3, 2009 (Cici's Pizza, Twin Peaks)

Posted 3 October, 2009 at 10:57pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: After a few hours of appliance shopping, we were starving and dropped in on the closest food dispenser - in this case Cici's Pizza (a low cost pizza buffet chain). There was a McDonald's and a Subway nearby as well, but we didn't feel like either. The pizza at Cici's tastes like a really good frozen pizza, the soup tasted like a bouillon cube with fun twisty tube noodles and reconstituted chicken cubes (like in a Cup O'Noodles / Cup Noodles). For around $6-7 per person, it was not too bad, but I wouldn't go again for quite some time.
Cici’s Pizza

Dinner: At around 10:30pm, we completed our appliance purchasing (victoriously!) but were starving. I decided to reward my long day with a relaxing dinner at Twin Peaks where I enjoyed a full rack (of ribs) and a girl-sized glass of 99 cent beer. The ribs were cooked until soft and falling apart - so soft that the cartilage needed no effort to chew through. Many people don't like ribs cooked this way, but I enjoy it once in a while (I do prefer ribs that offer a bit more resistance and stick to the bone slightly a bit more, but sometimes I miss the texture of ribs that dissolve in your mouth). It's probably been a couple years since I've had ribs cooked in this style, so it was nice.
Twin Peaks - BBQ Pork Ribs

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