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What I Ate: September 29, 2009 (McDonald's)

Posted 29 September, 2009 at 9:36pm by Michael Chu
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Dinner: Having heard about the GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up which is a week long event set up by the Texas Department of Agriculture to promote local (Texan) produce and meats and to support Texas food banks. McDonald's was on the list of GO TEXAN restaurants and I was wondering what it was doing there? Would they have a special menu or something else special to support GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up? I posed this question on Twitter and GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up (@GoOutGoEatGoTXN) provided this response: "Yep, McDonald's is part of GO TXN Restaurant Round-Up. They serve TX beef. From TRIO @FSAustin to McD's, lots of ways to GO TEXAN!" So, I went to a McDonald's tonight and asked them if they get their beef was Texas beef. They said that there was no way to tell - they get it from a distributor. I asked them if they knew about GO TEXAN and that part of this week's proceeds would be going to local food banks - they did not. I mainly asked in order to make sure that part of the money I spent would go to a food bank (in case I had to order a special meal or something), but they didn't even know about the program. Oh well. I tried the Angus 1/3 pound burger. The burger patty was a bit too thick to be cooked the McDonald's way - otherwise, it was okay, but nothing special. If I find myself here again, I'll try the bacon burger or the mushroom and cheese.
McDonald’s - Deluxe Angus 1/3 Pound Burger

Lunch: I heated up some leftover carne guisada and chicharones and cooked a couple eggs over easy. Unfortunately, I messed up flipping the eggs so they were a bit messy.
Carne Guisada, Chicharrones, Eggs Over Easy

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