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What I Ate: September 1, 2009 (Mr. Spud, Texas Pie Company)

Posted 1 September, 2009 at 10:01pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch: I had to drive into North Austin to have my trunk fixed, so on my way home I decided to pick up some lunch. I swung into the Texas Pie Company in Kyle to pick up a Chicken Pot Pie. It turned out they only have 4 serving or 8 serving chicken pot pies during the week (individual serving sizes are available on Fridays only), so I bought one of those. They handed my directions and I discovered it would take an hour to bake in the oven. So, I drove one block down Center St. to the newly opened Mr. Spuds where I purchased a loaded baked potato. It came with butter, sour cream, bacon, shredded cheese, and chives (although the chives were really scallions). I took that home and ate a salad of fresh arugula with it. Baked potatoes are good. I might not have another sandwich at Mr. Spuds, but if I'm thinking of a baked potato for fast food, I'm headed there for sure.
Mr. Spuds - Baked Potato

Dinner: Since I had the Chicken Pot Pie from the Texas Pie Company (202 W Center St, Kyle, TX‎ - (512) 268-5885‎) was in my freezer and I had been thinking of chicken pot pie for the last several hours, I baked that for dinner. (I didn't have any sheet pans unpacked, so I ended up using the bottom half of the broiler pan that came with the oven in the house.) Tina and I ate half the pie which had a wonderful crumbly crust, flavorful gravy, and chunks of bland (but tender) white meat. Once we made sure to eat the breast meat with crust and ample gravy, every bit of the pie was delicious. We had a little trouble stopping, but once we had only half of the pie remaining, we thought it best to stop eating since we were content and didn't really need to eat more (we just wanted to keep tasting the crust and gravy).
Texas Pie Company - Chicken Pot Pie