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What I Ate: April 13, 2009 (Top Dog)

Posted 14 April, 2009 at 1:05am by Michael Chu
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I drove up to Berkeley to meet Dave Patterson for a short chat in the morning. I can't help but think of it as a nice bookend to this portion of my life - I started my career at Intel after chatting with Professor Patterson about the pros and cons of going to a small company versus a large company immediately after graduation. Now that I'm getting ready to leave Silicon Valley (for hopefully a more laid back pace of life), I thought it was fitting to have a chat with Dave again before I leave. After we were done, I wandered the campus a little and through the dorms that I lived a decade ago. I bumped into Professor Hilfinger (shook his hand), went up to the top of the Campanile (shook the hand of Lilian, the woman who has manned Sather Tower's elevator for as long as I can remember, and promised her I'd go up the UT Austin Tower), and told some random guy about the mirrored Fiat Lux underneath the Campanile awning. When I was ready to leave, I ate a German Frankfurter (3/4 beef, 1/4 pork, fresh garlic) from Top Dog (2503 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, CA‎ - (510) 843-1241‎) on the Northside of the Berkeley Campus.
Top Dog - German Frankfurter

I then brought home several dogs for Tina's lunch (and apparently our dinner).

I started my dinner with a hot link (all beef, four kinds of pepper) which was mouth burning hot (the way I like it!). Almost all our plates are packed, so I'm eating off plastic now.
Top Dog - Hot Link

Then ate a bockwurst (1/2 pork, 1/2 veal, milk, and eggs).
Top Dog - Bockwurst

Then later (late at night) I had a bratwurst (all pork with marjoram).
Top Dog - Bratwurst

Just to give you guys an idea of what my life is like right now, here's the bratwurst in the environment of which it was consumed.
Moving Boxes

2 comments to What I Ate: April 13, 2009 (Top Dog)

Scott, April 14th, 2009 at 7:58 pm:

  • Typical engineer: uniformly-sized boxes; the best box to ship a TV in? The box it came in. :-p When I built my computer, I saved the box the case came in: the perfect box for packing my computer.

    For anyone else who might be moving soon: Apple boxes and Pear boxes from the grocery store are the best boxes you can get: However, you NEED to pick them up when you say you will, or they will get thrown away, and they won't hold as many for you the next time. I used to work in the produce department years ago…people used to come in all the time asking us to save all the boxes we could: we'd save like 20, and either they wouldn't come in at all, or they'd come in and take 2-3. Plan on making several trips. After keeping pick-up appointments and cleaning them out a time or two, get ready for a big supply on your 3-4th trip.

Michael Chu, April 15th, 2009 at 7:45 am:

  • Also, each box is labeled in the upper left corner of each size with a letter and number designation. This was the fastest and cheapest way to quickly identify the box and, on the computer, its contents. Since the contents are all listed on computer, it's also searchable.