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What I Ate: February 21, 2009 (Fry's Electronics, Jai Yun)

Posted 22 February, 2009 at 12:41am by Michael Chu
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While running some errands, we found ourselves at Fry's Electronics and hungry for some lunch. We ordered a couple sandwich combos at the cafe in the middle of the Sunnyvale store (the combo is a great deal - $5.99 for the sandwich with a drink and chips or cookie; a sandwich is normally $5.99). We bought to combos and switched halfway through. I started with a Turkey and Avocado on white bread with jack cheese. I've gotten this sandwich before, and it's always been decent except I always find the bread to have a tough crust.
Fry’s Electronics - Turkey and Avocado sandwich

After eating half that, I proceeded to swap with Tina and I ate the hot pastrami on rye with Swiss cheese. The pastrami was excellent on the toasted rye bread. I'll definitely get this sandwich next time.
Fry’s Electronics - Hot Pastrami sandwich

For dinner, we headed up to San Francisco for Jai Yun (680 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA‎ - (415) 981-7438‎). This is our second time at Jai Yun (which is the best Chinese restaurant we've ever eaten at). Last time, it was just the two of us and after talking to Chef, he explained to us that with larger groups he can do more courses and larger items. I tried to get about 12 people together but ended up with eight. It was more dishes than last time (we had 20 last time - got 29 dishes this time). Many were similar with some new delicious ones. I'll be preparing a full review on Cooking For Engineers in the next month or so. (In short, the dinner was fun and the food was delicious. It's interesting not knowing what you're going to get or when the meal is going to end and just going with the flow.)

Here's a couple of sample dishes. (The lighting was not particularly good. Our table was partially illuminated by a green and red neon sign outside the window which produced some odd color casts in the photos.)

Jai Yun - Vegetarian Chicken
Vegetarian Chicken

Jai Yun - Spicy Beef
Spicy Beef

Jai Yun - Spicy and Sour Squid
Spicy & Sour Squid

Jai Yun - Fried Shimeji Mushrooms
Fried Shimeji Mushrooms

Jai Yun - Braised Pork Shank (Tipong)
Braised Pork Shank (Tipong)

3 comments to What I Ate: February 21, 2009 (Fry's Electronics, Jai Yun)

Don, February 23rd, 2009 at 11:07 am:

  • Wow, 29 dishes! Is it a dim sum-style restaurant? Or are each dish really just made for a single person?

Michael Chu, February 23rd, 2009 at 4:00 pm:

  • Each dish is designed to be shared - everyone gets a couple bites and that's it. You also don't know what you're going to be served or how many dishes you'll get until the meal is over and you've eaten everything. All prepared by one chef who prepares the dishes perfectly.

Nate, February 27th, 2009 at 4:56 pm:

  • Amazing meal.

    The lighting may have been not good but that doesn't seem to hurt your pics.