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Glasses for Chuck in 3D

Posted 2 February, 2009 at 12:52am by Michael Chu
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So, tomorrow night's Chuck is broadcast in INTRU3D - an updated version of the red-blue 3D that they used to do on television. Two weeks ago, when I first heard about it and saw a clip of the new 3D episode, I started getting worried - Tina and I both watch and enjoy Chuck, but if it was to be broadcast in 3D then it would be unwatchable without glasses. The people in the show all had green and yellow halos around them and even the short clip gave me a headache (I'm sure even with the glasses a full hour episode will give me a headache, but at least that's the intended experience!). They said the glasses would be available at Sobe LifeWater stands, so I kept my eyes open for them. After a week of not seeing these stands, I started getting a little worried. I went to several stores asking about them ("Do you guys have any Sobe LifeWater 3D Glasses for Chuck?") and the employees I asked at Safeway, Lucky, or SaveMart knew what I was talking about. Now with less than a week to go, I got even more anxious when I found out that Monsters vs. Aliens was doing a big 3D commercial during the Super Bowl and used the same glasses. I went to 1 Target, 2 Walgreens, 1 SaveMarts, 2 Luckys, 3 Safeways, 2 Longs Drugs, 1 RiteAid, 4 7-Elevens, and a few other smaller stores to see if anyone had any. It wasn't until today, Sunday, that I found any stores that actually had some - Target, Safeway, Lucky, and SaveMart had received some doing the last few days and were all out. So, my problem was that I went too early looking for the glasses and didn't ask the right people (they never set up a display like they were saying on TV - only a visit to Customer Service got me any employees that knew about the glasses).

Once I figured out where stores had received any glasses at all, I went back to revisit the stores that I had gone to in the last couple weeks. None of the Safeways or SaveMarts had them, but the Lucky at Lawrence Expressway and El Camino did have them hidden away at the Customer Service desk. They had received their first delivery on Saturday, ran out in a matter of hours, and received another delivery on Sunday morning. What a pain.
3D Glasses

2 comments to Glasses for Chuck in 3D

Emily - Chia Seeds, February 6th, 2009 at 4:41 pm:

  • You were quite dedicated to getting these glasses!
    But, were you dissapointed with the result? A SoBe selling Publix around here had the glasses, and with all the "New developments" in 3D that IMAX and everyone has been yelling about, I guess I was expecting more. I didn't hink the stuff actually looked 3D either when I finally saw it on TV. I'm all for the 3D experience but would a stunt like this actually keep people -away- from it in theaters, thinking it would be lackluster?

Michael Chu, February 19th, 2009 at 6:06 pm:

  • So, it turned out (as expected) a so-so experience. The glasses cut down on the light quite a bit so I had to turn the backlight on my TV up all the way (blinding Tina who ended up not using the glasses because it drop her crazy). The first several minutes were distracting - the 3D aspect worked for the most part, but the colors were maddening. My left eye saw in color - with a yellow cast - but my right eye only saw blue. So, my brain was processing this and I had images that were flickering blue and color back and forth rapidly (like 30 times a second) until several minutes into Chuck when my brain calmed down and it more or less worked. I did not enjoy it more than a 2D version of Chuck with regular colors.

    3D in theaters (like RealD Cinema 3D used for Beowulf, Bolt, and Coraline) works well for me. The polarized lenses seem to do a pretty good job splitting up the left and right eye images (no ghosting effects that I've noticed) and the 3D effect works well as long as (a) everything is rendered or presented with infinite depth of field (a mistake that earlier movies like The Polar Express made) and (b) the motion is not too fast to focus on properly (if you can't focus, it's not going to be in 3D).