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How to mess up on eBay…

Posted 9 September, 2008 at 7:14pm by Michael Chu
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So something funny happened today to me and my wife. Tina's been reading a lot about the leather goods from Saddleback Leather and decided to acquire a few pieces to test and write reviews on them. She found that Saddleback Leather lists their products on eBay regularly (as well as selling on their own storefront). I send her this USA Today article on sniping and suggested she use AuctionSniper (which I use when bidding).

This evening when the auction for the briefcase was coming to a close she found that the AuctionSniper website was down and was worried that the snipe wouldn't go through. I said it was probably just the front end and it might still send in the bid. She was concerned because with only 10 minutes to go, the bid was still much lower than her max bid. I suggested that she simply login and bid on eBay (manually snipe) and eBay won't have a problem since it's the same account. I then left to run some errands. A few minutes later I received a phone call from my wife telling me that I won the auction (because she used my AuctionSniper account) BUT she had driven up the price because she had bid the same amount with HER account. So, instead of getting a great deal on the briefcase, we managed to pay our maximum (which is still a nice discount from full price). I guess we should have made sure we were actually using the same account…

Buzz Bites

Posted 6 September, 2008 at 3:47am by Michael Chu
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Two months ago, I received some Buzz Bites (a new highly caffeinated chocolate candy) to try out. I tried them with my friend Harold, wrote down some notes, and then prepared a brief entry on this blog for it and forgot to publish! Here's what I thought about Buzz Bites:nd2_9966_lr.jpg
I received two flavors Mint Chocolate and Chocolate. Each tin contained 6 candies or chews - each of which have the caffeine content equivalent of a cup of coffee. The texture of each of the chews is halfway between butterscotch and crumbly fudge. The taste however is something else - the flavor is really weird and a bit off putting to me (I do like the texture however). It started off fine - like an interesting chocolate confection. Interesting because there's a different flavor - some extra bitterness that isn't quite the same as chocolate bitterness - then the flavor deepens and some more flavors came out which made me feel like the Buzz Bite stopped being a sweet treat but something oddly savory. Then that sensation passed and I'm was left with an odd artificial sweetener + bitterness lingering in the mouth.
It's half candy and half no-doze… I don't think this is a food product that I'll be having in the future - but for those of you looking for the next buzz, Buzz Bites might be something you'll want to look out for. Click here to read the rest of
Buzz Bites