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Newsweek's Incredible PhotoBlog of the Olympics

Posted 20 August, 2008 at 5:11pm by Michael Chu
(Filed under: Photography)

My CEO at Fanpop, Dave, clued me in on this photoblog: Visions of China from Newsweek. The photos are outstanding, but what really captures my attention are the stories that the photographers tell.

One entry in particular captured my attention: Trying to Break out of the Olympic "Bubble" by Vincent Laforet. He tells the story of one day beginning with using China's bureaucracy against itself so he could spend 30 minutes capturing an overhead shot of table tennis.

The story then continues with Vincent taking a cab out of Beijing in hopes of capturing a glimpse of Chinese life that hasn't been candy coated by the government. Even so, while in the town of Chang Ping, he found it very difficult to photograph people in candid situations and then noticed what he believes was Chinese secret police surveiling him.

This blog is an incredible glimpse into the work of photojournalists in a tightly controlled country in the middle of possible the most watched event in history.

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