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What I Ate: March 8, 2008 (The Golden Ball)

Posted 25 March, 2008 at 12:23am by Michael Chu
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For lunch, we had some leftovers. I ate the food that Tina's mom brought for us on Thursday (which I hadn't had before). It was rice with tofu, stewed pork, pumpkin and potatoes and bok choy.

Rice with Tofu, Stewed Pork, Pumpkin and Potatoes, and Bok Choy

We went to The Golden Ball with Dave and Rachel. I had a Chicken Mix (chicken breast, thigh, and liver grilled on a flattop with onions) Pita and we shared falafel and baklava. The food in general was not as good as the last time Tina and I went. My chicken mix started off pretty tasty, especially since I hadn't had chicken livers in a while, but soon it was too much liver. I would have liked it if there was more salad in the pita with the chicken. Tina and Rachel both commented that their food had more gristle than expected.

The Golden Ball - Chicken Mix Pita

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