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Job opportunity at Sendori

Posted 31 March, 2008 at 5:53pm by Michael Chu
(Filed under: Web 2.0)

My friend Dave is looking to hire additional people for his company, Sendori (in Sunnyvale, CA). Here's the req. E-mail him if you are interested in working for a funded startup in the fast pace world of the internet economy or just want to work for someone that I have lunch with and hang out with regularly.

Keyword Editor

What does joeloveshoes.com mean? Is it 'Joe Love Shoes' or 'Joe Loves Hoes'?

Sendori has an unique marketplace designed to answer those questions very efficiently. We have a lot of fancy tools and AI to make those decisions but we need a human brain to actually look at the results and make sense of it all.

assign keywords to domain names

compare domain names to existing websites

make quality decisions about which types of traffic to accept or reject

College degree (B.A.) or equivalent experience

Excellent writing and communication skills

General web surfing experience – you should be familiar with the top sites on the web

This is a full time job. We need you to be in the office at least some of the time (especially early on) so please apply only if you are local.

Some domains will contain adult terms. It's not the focus of our business, but you should pass on this if you have delicate sensibilities.

This will be a contractor position for the first month at the rate of $25/hour. If things go well, you will be then be made a salaried employee with equity compensation.

contact d a v e (at) sendori.com

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