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What I Ate: February 9, 2008

Posted 16 February, 2008 at 11:38pm by Michael Chu
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Tina and I took Tina's parents to Joy Luck Place in Cupertino for Cantonese Dim Sum. We arrived a few minutes after 11am and after waiting outside we finally got seated and had an enjoyable meal of dim sum.

Joy Luck Place - Dim Sum

For dinner, we got together with Dave and Rachel and went back to Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View. We ordered a variety of food to try out so we could get a sense of what they did well and what they didn't.


Uncle Frank's BBQ - Brisket

Smoked Chicken

Uncle Frank's BBQ - Smoked Chicken

Fried shrimp and chips

Uncle Frank's BBQ - Fried Shrimp and Chips

All the food was quite good and some of the best that I've had. The best were the ultra juicy and falling off the bone pork ribs and chicken. Tina really liked the moist and flavorful cornbread.

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