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What I Ate: February 13, 2008

Posted 21 February, 2008 at 9:44pm by Michael Chu
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Lunch was a quick sandwich and side salad from Crossroads Cafe. They make a pretty good cold tuna sandwich.

Crossroads Cafe - Cold Tuna Sandwich with Salad

Cliff and I spent the day working on our new servers - getting them ready to be put into our colocation cabinet. It was 9:30pm when we packed them up in boxes to transport to the data center. We were starving so we decided to get something to eat. Everything was closed so we ended up at Safeway. Their sandwich counter was closed, so I looked around for something to eat and ended up with a microwave dinner (it's been at least 5 or 6 years since I've had a microwave dinner). I picked a Hungryman Salisbury steak dinner because all the other ones were too low in calories and I was running low on energy.

Microwave Hungryman Salisbury Steak Dinner

The brownie and mashed potatoes were both really gummy. The gravy tasted like beef flavored water that had been thickened. The green beans were okay for microwaved (a little dry from being frozen for some time). The Salisbury steak was pretty good.

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