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Movies This Week (8/9)

Posted 10 August, 2007 at 6:46pm by Michael Chu
(Filed under: Movies)

During the last two weeks, I watched I Know Who Killed Me (3/5), The Simpsons (4/5), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2.5/5).

I Know Who Killed Me (Theater) - While watching this movie, I couldn't help thinking that it was very similar to David Lynch's style. Heavy emphasis is put on symbols, especially the color blue. The story is a mix between a mystery and thriller - what happened to Aubrey Fleming and who is the serial killer? Most of the positive features of this movie come from the fact that you don't really know what genre the movie falls into - is it psychological thriller or is it supernatural thriller? Anyone and everyone could be the killer and the information that you do discover is all a bit suspect (especially since you don't know what sort of solution to look for). Pretty decent movie if you go in with the right expectations - too bad it did so poorly in the box office. 3/5

The Simpsons (Theater) - The long awaited theatrical version of the popular Sunday evening cartoon lives up to expectations. The characters are familiar, but still funny and fresh. After watching trailers for the movie, I was concerned that the plot wouldn't make any sense - a series of comical but unrelated animated jokes trung together, but the story works. I challenge you to not laugh during this movie - it can't be done (unless you can't stand the Simpsons, then I retract my challenge - this movie is for everyone else, but not you). 4/5

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (HD Cable) - Ivan Reitman returns to directing with My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It's not a great movie - not particularly funny, clever, or even interesting, but it's watchable. I've never been a big fan of Uma Thurman (except for her role as Beatrix from Kill Bill) but for some reason I do like Anna Farris. Luke Wilson plays… well, Luke Wilson - a down-on-the-romance-luck architect that manages to ask the local (neurotic) superheroine out on a date. When she turns out to be over possessive and easily jealous, it's a bad time for him to realize he's actually in love with coworker Anna Farris. Craziness ensues and we get to be mildly amused watching it. Overall, an average effort that is good for watching at home to pass the time. 2.5/5