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Movies This Week (5/18)

Posted 19 May, 2007 at 2:03am by Michael Chu
(Filed under: Movies)

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), it was another slow week for me in terms of movie watching. Of course, I had the excuse that I was watching Heroes, the season finales of The Office and Scrubs, as well as the rest of the best that this television season was able to offer. Anyway, this week I watched one movie, Repli-Kate (1/5), and here are my impressions…

Repli-Kate (DVD) - This is silly movie about an genetic scientist, Max, who develops a cloning machine (that can accelerate growth so the clones are fully grown and inexplicably the same age as the original) accidentally clones a beautiful reporter, Kate, interested in his work (and him). Max decides to take advantage of the opportunity to "train" the clone to be a guy - Repli-Kate doesn't like flowers, watches sports, drinks beer, has casual sex, and makes a mess where ever she goes. Of course, Max realizes that he loves the real Kate and scrambles to keep everything under control as the Kates eventually discover the truth at the same time as Max's advisor (played by Eugene Levy). The movie has a few moments that elicit laughter or the occasional loud "Hah!" but not much more than that. Ali Landry is nice to look at in her role as Kate but even that isn't enough to make the movie worth watching unless you're a real fan or terribly bored. (1/5)

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