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Getting started…

Posted 18 April, 2007 at 6:21pm by Michael Chu

Well, I've been writing Cooking For Engineers for a couple years and the website has evolved in such a way (and with such a demanding audience) that I've found myself not comfortable writing about my personal thoughts. I felt a craving for a simpler, easier outlet that didn't require vigorous fact checking and making sure every detail in a recipe was properly specified before I posted an article. So, here I am, starting a blog - a real one this time - with no focus, just an outlet for what I'm thinking. For those of you familiar with Cooking For Engineers, many of the articles that I would have posted there in Off Topic, will be posted here instead (reducing the clutter on that site). I'll probably talk a fair amount about Cooking For Engineers, Fanpop, and the web in general since a lot of my life revolves around these topics - but you'll probably hear more about random topics of discussion or thoughts that come up in my life in general. I hope people will find this blog (as if the world needed another blog that didn't have an area of focus) entertaining, interesting, and, perhaps, occassionally, enlightening.

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