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What I Ate: November 28, 2010 (Chinatown Restaurant)

Posted 11 December, 2010 at 2:20am by Michael Chu
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Lunch: We went to Chinatown Restaurant (3407 Greystone Drive, Austin, TX (512) 343-9307) to try out their weekend dim sum.

Most of the items were pretty decent.
Chinatown Restaurant - BBQ Pork Pastry

I especially like the "Shrimp and Leek" dumpling which are technically shrimp and garlic chives.
Chinatown Restaurant - Shrimp and Leek Dumplings

Likewise, the chicken and basil isn't actually basil. In Chinese, it's actually referring to cilantro, but I don't think they use either of those herbs.
Chinatown Restaurant - Chicken and Basil Dumpling

Chinatown Restaurant - Shao Mai

Chinatown Restaurant - Shrimp Dumplings

Chinatown Restaurant - Steamed Dumplings

The chicken feet were the best we've had in Austin so far.
Chinatown Restaurant - Chicken Feet

On the other end, the Peking duck buns were a little under-sauced and dry.
Chinatown Restaurant - Peking Duck

The turnip cakes had good flavor but too watery in the center for my taste.
Chinatown Restaurant - Turnip Cakes

And the tofu skin wraps had a filling that I didn't really enjoy.
Chinatown Restaurant - Tofu Skin Wrap

The Chinese broccoli came with this sauce that was like a weak watery oyster sauce.
Chinatown Restaurant - Chinese Broccoli

Dinner: I tried the 5-3-1 Burger from What-A-Burger, and, as usual, was disappointed.
What-A-Burger - 5-3-1 Sandwich
What-A-Burger - 5-3-1 Sandwich

When I got home I ate the leftover dim sum from that morning.
Leftover Chinatown Restaurant Dim Sum
Leftover Chinatown Restaurant Dim Sum
Leftover Chinatown Restaurant Chinese Broccoli

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