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What I Ate: August 7, 2009 (McDonald's, Wendy's)

Posted 7 August, 2009 at 5:41pm by Michael Chu
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Breakfast: I had to wake up early and drive into Austin to take care of some stuff. Since it was morning, I couldn't resist and stopped in on a McDonald's for a Sausage McMuffin with Egg (my favorite thing on their menu next to the Filet-o-Fish). Of course, I got a hash brown patty as well.
McDonald’s - Sausage McMuffin with Egg & Hash Brown Patty

Lunch: I found myself driving back to Austin again, and, since I was eating without Tina, I thought I'd take the opportunity to eat something she wouldn't ("Chinese food" prepared by a fast food restaurant - in this case an American fast food chain). I have been intrigued by the Wendy's commercial with cello music playing in the background where they follow a plate of Asian-style chicken that is being delivered to a table by a waiter in a uppity Asian restaurant. The camera zooms in on the chicken and then back out to cleverly transition from the fancy restaurant to a Wendy's. So, I ordered the Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings with a side salad and sweet tea. The "fancy" chicken was just a chunk of chicken, breaded, fried, reheated, and tossed in a very sweet, but tasty Asian-influenced sauce. The chunks of breaded meat could have been mistaken for chicken nuggets (I think they use the same breading) except they were not of uniform shape (they could have been incorrectly shaped nuggets) and tougher than Wendy's nuggets normally are.
Wendy’s Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings with Side Salad

Here's an advertisement from Wendy's. The breading on the nugget isn't even the same! The one in the picture looks like a fine texture (almost smooth) perhaps a corn starch batter. The real one has the coarse Wendy's chicken nugget breading which loosely covers the surface of the chicken instead of enrobing it. I know the adverts for the Big Mac looks better than the real thing, etc. but this is a pretty drastic difference.
Wendy’s Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings Advertisement

Here's a close up of what I ate:
Wendy’s Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken Boneless Wings

See the difference? Huh… now that I've posted the pictures, they don't look at far off the mark… what do you think?

Dinner: I had dumplings from Tina's parent's for dinner. Sometimes I like eating dumplings cold - they have a different texture (I think it's firmer and the dough has a bit more bite). I usually eat dumplings with some soy sauce, vinegar, and whole peeled cloves of raw garlic. Tonight I decided to pass on the garlic and soy sauce and just dip in Chinkiang Vinegar.
Dumplings with Vinegar

5 comments to What I Ate: August 7, 2009 (McDonald's, Wendy's)

Scott, August 7th, 2009 at 9:51 pm:

  • While that is a tasty sandwich, I prefer their Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit, however, the biscuit doesn't hold up well to being kept warm. It gets quite hard.

    As for the "asian" chicken: while it was the best tasting of the 3 flavors, I still won't be ordering it again. I MUCH preffer their regular value-priced chicken nuggets, as they are more "breaded" than "battered." The sauce was okay, but it almost tasted like candy. And that says a lot, because I'm normally A-OK with anything sweet.

    You are right about the nuggets being re-warmed. Mine were so old-tasting. The Buffalo ones were fresher; you could tell from the first bite.

    My girlfriend and I walked to our local Wendy's to try them the first day we noticed they had the signage up. We knew they'd be not-so=great, so we figured we'd get it out of the way so we don't yearn for them every time the commercial came on…this way we'd already know they aren't worth it…and it's worked! I'll bet if I hadn't had them already, I'd probably crave them every time the commercials came on.

Michael Chu, August 8th, 2009 at 8:39 am:

  • Hahaha! Getting them BEFORE the commercials is brilliant! (It's like getting the flu shot…)

    As for the Biscuit sandwiches - I think my wife prefers the biscuit, but they get all mushy and gummy in my mouth (the biscuit) and I don't really like that texture. The English muffin has a little crispiness and chew without becoming gummy and that's why I prefer it. Not all the sandwiches are available on English muffin though. I should ask if they can make something on biscuit on English muffin. Also, I noticed that most of the biscuit sandwiches seem to have the beaten egg vs. whole egg layer. I prefer the whole egg for some reason.

Anonymous, August 8th, 2009 at 11:30 am:

  • "I had to wake up early and drive into Austin to take care of some stuff."

    Local crime boss Fat Tony Deluca was found dead in South Austin this mourning.

Michael Chu, August 8th, 2009 at 10:22 pm:

  • I was in North Austin.

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