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What I Ate: February 16, 2009 (KFC)

Posted 16 February, 2009 at 10:42pm by Michael Chu
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Today was President's Day, so Tina and I had the day off. We treated it like a lazy day - woke up late, cooked a little breakfast for lunch… I cooked a couple of hash browns and ho boa dan ("purse eggs" which are fried eggs that have been folded over - easier to get perfect than eggs over easy and requiring less oil).
Hash Browns and Fried Eggs

When dinner-time rolled around, I felt like making a cottage pie (or sorts - planned to use ground beef in a thick gravy with a layer of sweet corn kernels and a topping of mashed potatoes). I went and purchased my supplies (as well as several pomelo - I can't get enough pomelo, I love this fruit) but by the time I finished, I was really hungry so I swung into KFC on my way home and grabbed a three piece meal with potato wedges and cole slaw. (I made the cottage pie while eating my KFC dinner - you'll see the cottage pie in a future meal…)
KFC - Three Piece Meal

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