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What I Ate: January 15, 2009 (Kwality Sweet n Food)

Posted 16 January, 2009 at 12:51am by Michael Chu
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I grabbed some food to go from Kwality Sweet n Food (1036 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA - (408) 617-0660). I ate there once before a couple years ago, but I think it was called something else - also fast Indian food (naan wraps, chaat, and similar small plates of food). I ordered a seekh kabob wrap and a pair of samosas. The samosa I ate was fine - crispy on the outside, stuffed with flavorful potato on the inside. The wrap wasn't as good. The seekh kabob was fairly salty and I couldn't really taste the meat or any seasonings except for saltiness and a slight spiciness. I've definitely had better. In fact, a few minutes later I lost my appetite and stopped eating. (I ate less than 1/2 the wrap).
Grilled Chicken Drumsticks, Salad, Bread, and Cherries

For dinner, I reheated the remaining chicken drumsticks and ate it with a salad (from a bag) of radicchio, romaine, and baby spinach with Marie's Creamy Ranch dressing, the heal of bread, and a small bowl of cherries (which were a little sour and watery, but what do I expect this time of year in California?)
Kwality Sweet n Food - Seekh Kabob, Samosas

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